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Bold Fragrance For Men in Pakistan:

Bold is considered a flagship brand of Halal Care. It is a ground-breaking company for men that provides products to make men feel confident, stylish and create lasting impact. You may all probably heard the name of Bold body spray, but the important thing to highlight here which you may not know is that it is not just a common body spray for men like others. This is a gas-free body spray. Unlike other body sprays that contain more gas and less liquid material, Bold body spray stays for almost 24hrs, as it contains extensive liquid content.

The brand divided its product line into different categories

Bold Deodorant Body Spray:

Deodorant Body Sprays is the newest member of the Brand’s Family. Its long-lasting fragrance and attractive packaging of the bottles make it more fantastic. However, Bold deodorant Body Sprays comes in six flavors.

Scents: Maverick, Neo, Prime, Zodiac, Groove, and Alpha. are included in the range of deodorant body sprays.

Bold Life Body Spray:

Life is one of the top-selling lines of the Bold body spray for men. This line offers a variety of interesting body spray variations that are likely to appeal to a variety of male personalities and tastes. The brand calls this range with the name of “life” because it can be used while performing a daily task in a normal manner.

Scents: Allure, Aqua, Intense, Vintage, Revive, Epic, Champion and Ultra etc are included in this range.

Bold Premium Body Spray:

The scent of this range is more classy and sophisticated as compared to other ranges. The prices of the premium range are slightly high. But at Eshaistic, you’ll get these premium sprays at discounts. Moreover, you also don’t need to wear a premium range on daily basis. Just use these amazing high-quality sprays whenever you are going to an event or party in order to smell classy.

Scents: Sport, Noir, Active, Fresh, and Classic etc are included in the premium body spray range.

More Products From Bold:

Razors, Fairness creams, and face washes are some other amazing products offered by the brand. Bold fairness cream is specially designed for men to give them extra fairness. It contains SPF 30 which protects men from sun races when they go outside.

Moreover, the face wash come in 4 different variants, Insta White, Hydra Boost, Oil Control, and Intense Freshness. It is suitable for every skin type.