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Buy High Quality Imported Products By Good Virtues:

Good virtues is a Malaysian brand which is now available in Pakistan. All the products from this brand are safe to use and safe for the environment as well. Good virtues skin care and hair care products are free from parabens, SLS, silicones and mineral oils.

The entire range from this brand is made up of 100% halal ingredients. To nourish your face, hair, and body, all of their products are packed with the cleansing benefits of Organic Black Seed – also known as organic Habbatus Sauda or The Seed of Blessing.

We’ve Good virtues cleansers, toners, body lotion, face cream and makeup remover at upto 20%  discount. Most people like the idea of paraben and sulfate-free products, but do you realise why they’re so important? Simply put, they are poisonous and can penetrate the skin’s surface, posing health risks.

Toxic chemicals are avoided in the formulations of paraben and sulfate-free products, which are more sustainable and healthier for the environment. True, some of the most effective compounds in beauty products are organically sourced. If you wish to entirely avoid using chemicals in your cosmetic products, then go for Good virtues products as they are organic and chemical free.